We spend our lives learning and preparing. Learning to live, and preparing to become adults who sometimes don’t have time to truly do just that, live. To become successful adults in today’s society we must prepare. First, comes education. Education from our parents and family to help mold us into who we later become.

On a side note, that same educational system prepares us to pay more for college than we will probably ever make in our lifetime to pay back.  Later, We become adults. We prepare to work at a job we probably don’t like to pay the mortgage and bills for the house we never get to enjoy. We pay our taxes and fulfill our obligations.

We have children and teach them to prepare for their own journey in hopes they will go farther and do so much more than we had the time or money to do. Lastly, once we are senior citizens (if we’re still alive) we may get to enjoy retirement.

Somewhere in between we know there is so much more in the world and wonder when someday will come. Someday to visit the Grand Canyon, Paris or France.

Everyone has that one dream, or maybe even a bucket list of dreams.  Ours is…..to sail the world. To visit remote islands, swim with the dolphins, watch the sunrise and sunset from the deck of a sailboat headed for a new destination (or none at all) each day.

To find that heaven on earth.  Our own bucket list journey.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
~Anthony Robbins

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