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While Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, there are now over a thousand cryptocurrencies on the market. Crypto coins have become a popular fast growing currency.  Since these digital currencies don’t have a central government, banking has gone back into the hands of the people. What many people have come to realize is that digital coins are not just a stock, but an actual currency. Instead of opening bank accounts, more and more people are turning to this alternative for investments and purchases.  However, with this many options to choose from, it is difficult to decide which ones to safely invest in.

In addition to investing in a digital currency is the option for cryptocurrency mining. Most larger coin networks such as Bitcoin now require high processing computers to mine for coins. Since mining these larger coins have become more difficult, many people have turned to mining altcoins. An altcoin is any digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.  Altcoin miners (like Bitcoin) help keep the blockchain network secure by approving transactions and allowing people to earn coins by using their computer processes. Mining is an important part of cryptocurrencies that ensures fairness while keeping the coin networks stable, safe and secure. Users donate computing power in exchange for an incentive of receiving a fraction of coins.

*Not familiar with coin mining? Here is a helpful step-by-step article explaining the process.



Image via JSECoin
Image via JSECoin



A new concept to altcoins and mining is JSECoin. JSE Coin is a JavaScript embedded cryptocurrency that uses a browser-based mining platform. While this platform is mainly for webmasters, anyone with a web browser can mine for JSE coins. There is no software download or purchasing a supercomputer required. Mining using the JSE platform is a simple as clicking “Start Mining.”

*When mining, just be sure to leave the browser open as it stops the hash processing if a webpage tab is open in the same browser. I found that opening the JSE Miner Platform in Chrome while using my Firefox browser for surfing the web did not stop the background processing. When using the JSE platform for mining, you can also adjust settings to accelerate the hash rate acceleration by up to 10 times.

JSE mining is a unique browser-based concept that also allows publishers to add a code snippet to their website/webpage.  This JavaScript runs in the background while a visitor is on the page. While a visitor views their site the miner uses the excess CPU power (which would be otherwise wasted.)  Browsers carry out the mathematical hashing process in the background, which provides the hashing functionality required to secure the blockchain. Website visitors are informed of the mining with a privacy notification and offered to opt-out once the page has loaded.

*Note: You should have received a notification that a code snippet is on this page for JSE mining.


This crypto mining technique could be a perfect alternative to Google Adsense. JSECoin could likely replace ads for webmasters to earn extra revenue from websites using background cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrencies are usually mined by industrial-sized server farms consuming vast amounts of electricity. The JSE platform saves energy and allows webmasters to monetize their websites by replacing the role of cryptocurrency miners. JavaScript can also replace unsightly ads. A JSECoin WordPress plugin is now available to inject the code into your website or any page. You just paste code while getting paid in JSECoin for website views. For those that have high traffic websites, this could be a huge incentive.

 Quoted directly from the JSECoin website:

Problems We Are Trying To Solve

1. Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Cuba

2. Webmasters want new ways to monetize their sites

3. Cryptocurrency shouldn’t be so complicated



Investment and research in this upcoming cryptocurrency could be a smart move while it is still in the beta stage. JSE Coin hasn’t been listed on the exchanges yet but expected to be on the market by 2018. Currently, JSE coins are tied with the US dollar valued at one dollar per coin. Once JSE Coin hits the exchanges it could easily be worth $2-$3 per coin before going mainstream.

*Check out their whitepaper here.

If you’re interested in checking out the JSE beta project and get free 0.5 JSE, just go here to sign up! Becoming part of the early stage of this cryptocurrency platform could prove to be beneficial.  In addition to using the snippet on your website and browser mining, there is also an affiliate referral bonus of 3.5 JSE for anyone you refer to join the JSE platform.  Once this coin is on the exchanges it may become more difficult to mine for coins. Getting in now is as great a time as any. It is an interesting and innovative concent that looks very promising.




“Bitcoin enables certain uses that are very unique. I think it offers possibilities that no other currency allows. For example the ability to spend a coin that only occurs when two separate parties agree to spend the coin; with a third party that couldn’t run away with the coin itself.”
~Pieter Wuille

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